zahir rana tpl program

Zahir Rana is a name well-known to the sports and glamour industry. He is the man who is trying to revolutionise the world of cricket with his passion and dedication. Cricket is not just a game in India; it is an emotion, a religion. Here, everybody is a cricket fan and the game is greatly followed. That is why the competition to get selected to the Indian national team is very high. Often, the highly talented cricketers fail to get selected in the team.

This condition has upset Mr Zahir Rana for a long time. That is why the Zahir Rana True Sports is an initiative taken to bring a change. The Zahir Rana TPL or the True Premier League is aimed at providing the underprivileged young cricketers with a chance to shine brightly; so that they can ensure their selection in the national team. So, with the grand opening ceremony of TPL, Mr Zahir Rana showed the worlds how much he is dedicated to improve the level of the game of cricket in the country.