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Every individual chase their dreams but seldom person gets the opportunity to fulfil them. And Zahir Rana is surely one of those lucky ones. From a little boy to a successful businessman, this incredible journey was not easy for Mr Zahir Rana it was full of perils.
The false allegations of Zahir Rana fraud and scams ravaged through the media to tear Mr Zahir Rana apart. But he prevailed and proved to the world that with honesty and bravery every big problem can easily be solved.
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Zahir Rana businessman should never be revered for just his success; rather he is a man who deserves to be respected for his bravery, honesty, perseverance and dedication for his work.
And the initiatives that Mr Zahir Rana is taking to help the underprivileged young cricketing talents with his TPL also make the world bow to his nobility.