Zahir Rana may be titled as a man who has been striving hard to bring a change in this selfish mechanical world with his rock hard determination and passion. But I, Zahir Rana have so much more to share with you. The idea of True Premier League brings me, the man full of ambition to the people like never before and shows how passionate I am about my country and her pride.

Zahir Rana At TOISA

I have always been a huge fan of cricket and admired the promising game right from my childhood days as it was something which made me enthusiastic. The craze among people and eagerness to meet the ideals, I fairly understand that every people of India feel the same way.

But over the years the competition in the game of cricket has increased exponentially. Hence, several young talents are getting lost in the oblivion of uncertainty due to the absence of a proper stage to showcase their skills. This had strike me very much; so I came up with the plan of True Premier League. With Zahir Rana TPL, I intend to serve the right stage to the young cricketers so that they can get selected in the national team and take our country to the height of glory.