Zahir Rana, the name has become very popular in the Indian media these days. But who is Zahir Rana? Where is he from? Well, if Mr Zahir Rana is asked this question then he would gladly reply “Zahir Rana Ahmadabad”. Yes! This how Mr Zahir Rana introduces himself; this is where his roots are.

Zahir Rana

From his early childhood, Zahir Rana was a very big cricket fan. Zahir Rana always wanted to do something to level up the quality of the game in India. So, after becoming a successful businessman; Zahir Rana planned to start True Premier League or TPL to provide the perfect platform to the young cricketers to showcase their talents.
zahir rana tpl
But the road to bringing this dream to reality was not easy, several other allegations came toward his way but Zahir Rana prevailed through everything and kept following his dream.

“Zahir Rana is a man who deserves all respect for the initiatives he is taking to make his country great”.