Zahir Rana – Changing the Reality TV Era!

The world has changed a lot in these past few years and technology has evolved rapidly. As we thrive towards success, prosperity and a sustainable future, the little human values are constantly getting overwhelmed by the increasing competition in the real world.

zahir rana at office

Zahir Rana, my name has received a great popularity over the years; something that I had never expected. But I consider it to be the god’s grace that I was able to achieve so much. Who is Zahir Rana? Well, the simplest answer I can give is “I am Zahir Rana from Ahmedabad – City of Dreams“. Yes! That is something which I cherish; that is where my roots are.

I have always wanted to do something for my nation, the country which I have loved like my mother since my birth. Cricket has always been the uncrowned national game in our country. So, I came up with a plan to help the young cricketing talents to get a proper stage to shine brightly. I came up with the plan of True Premier League to provide our country with fresh talents so that they can uphold our country’s name in the international stage. With TPL, I dream to provide the country talented cricketers; so that the “India India” cheer never fades away.